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European Summer School Mimetic Theory 2010

in partnership with Imitatio, the Dutch Girard society

July 11-25 2010

Launching in 2010, in partnership with Imitatio, the Dutch Girard Society (, organizes a two week summer program (July, 11-25) for top undergraduate, Master’s and PhD students from across the globe or immersion in Mimetic Theory across multiple disciplines and applications.

Core texts will include chapters of Girard’s Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World and other key texts. An international group of lecturers who have published books on mimetic theory will teach the course, and guest scholars will visit to share their expertise. Students will start to build a worldwide network to help advance their studies in Mimetic Theory. The number of participants is 25 max.

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Thérèse Onderdenwijngaard (Girard Studiekring).