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Minding Animals Preconference

Sunday 1 - Tuesday 3 july 2012

The Minding Animals PreConference will be held at the International School of Philosophy and centers around the future of animal politics.

Main themes will be:

  • Making new animals. Ethical guidelines for creating new animals.
  • Animals in politics. How should animal interest be weighed in a democracy. (Comparing international systems of law).
  • Dutch primers concerning human-animal relation (e.g. Party for the Animals, Pig towers, In vitro meat, Q-fever and other Dutch animal diseases, international animal trade.
  • The future of our seas.

Speakers of the preconference will be international renowned scientists, writers, representatives of animal advocacy and politicians. There will be debates, art exhibitions, excursions and stands. Also we will present you with films, bookpresentation and an animal dance party. Further details will follow soon.

If you want to contribute to the program, please contact us. There will not be a call for abstracts for the preconference.